To serve or be served, that is the question!

Planning the right meal for a gala can be intimidating – especially if this is the first time you’ve taken on this challenge. Worrying about head count, special food requirements and arrival time for hundreds of people can be daunting, no doubt. Your catering director should be able to provide excellent food choices and advice for your gala. One critical decision is helping you determine when you should have a buffet and when you should have a plated meal. It’s a decision that could change the complexion of your event.Lobster BLT2.jpg

Hazeltine National Golf Club Catering Manager, Jan Knudtson says buffets and plated meals can both be equally fabulous for your gala. There are 4 things Jan says you need to consider when deciding which is best for you:

  • Consider the style of your event – is it formal or informal?
  • Understand your space and time – often buffets take more space and can also take more time than a plated meal.
  • Know your audience – Are there elderly or small children?
  • Variety – If you need to offer variety for your group, this can also help steer you one way or the other.

Corporations and organizations have many choices when it comes to choosing the best gala venue in the Twin Cities. Just remember that it’s important to work with a team that understands the nuances of your event so they can make the proper recommendations to you to make yours an affair to remember! You can hire some professionals like Nawras Bangladesh for this.